About Forum

The first forum was held in 2015. The Georgian IGF2016 was organized by multi-stakeholder organizing committee established by more 30 institutions, individuals and Georgian Public and Private sector representatives, civil society and Academia.

The major principles of the Forum activity are presented in the Multilateral Agreement are as follows:

  • Protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms on Internet, support of democratic process and the rule of law;
  • Support of implementation of the internet governance with the participation of all stakeholders;
  • Support of harmonization of international regulations and local legislation;
  • Support of enhancing of internet users’ rights and capabilities;
  • Promotion of the universalization of the Internet;
  • Support of internet security and reliability, sustainability and credibility;
  • Support of formation of the decentralized approaches of the Internet governance based on social responsibility;
  •  Support of introduction of innovation, new technologies and services in the Internet sector;
  • Introduction of the principles of open access and freedom of user’s choice;
  • Facilitation of the cultural and linguistic diversity in the internet as well as support of development of local content increase.

The Charter of the Forum is based on the recommendations and best practices of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) represented by the IGF Secretariat, the Council of Europe, the Internet Society (ISOC) and implies the multilateral engagement model of development of the Forum agenda, organization of the Forum with minimal costs and maximum transparency, and maximum involvement of the parties. The national Internet Governance Forum of Georgia is based on the cooperation of all stakeholders, bringing together 5 interested groups: government, private sector, civil society, the experts of scientific and educational and technology fields and the representatives of international organizations. All the participants are taking part in the forum as equal partners.

For the regulation of the organizational issues, the “Internet Governance Community” elects in the manner prescribed by this Charter, the “Georgian Internet Governance Forum Committee” for the period of one year according to the parity quota. In the Committee, the stakeholders are distributed in the following five (5) groups, namely: governmental, commercial, non-governmental, academic (as well as technical field experts and the representatives of information society) and representatives of international organizations.

The representatives of the Council of Europe (CoE), ISOC – European Office, RIPE NCC and ICANN as well as LEPL “Georgia’s Technology and Innovation Agency” expressed their willingness to support the Forum. At present, local commercial companies and the public sector members are considered as the forums’ contributors.